This blog is the result of a number of emotions, principally curiosity and frustration.

The most obvious is curiosity. I love to learn. I am fascinated by pretty much every subject there is under the sun and I want to learn everything I can about pretty much everything. I think that learning is both one of the most entertaining and one of the most important activities that someone can engage in and I want to share my fascination of the world around us with all of you!

The second emotion is frustration. When I was an undergrad in college, my attitude towards learning was not as focused as it is now and I didn’t quite live up to my full potential academically. Now that my curiosity has blossomed, I deeply desire to return to school to earn a graduate degree and eventually teach college history. Unfortunately, my low undergraduate GPA is making that road much, much harder than it could have been. This blog is basically a way for me to stretch my “curiosity muscle” and satisfy my intellectual itch while I work my way down the path to graduate school.

This blog will not be dedicated to a single subject but will instead feature a wide range of topics, including history, science, art, math and pretty much anything else that seems fascinating. I will also do my best to make each post interesting and easily digestible.


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